News Forinst S.r.l.s. - Torino Italy VAT: IT11321130012 - Copyright © 2012 All contents are reserved View the complete document Forinst anti counterfeiting offers advice and provides technical machinery specialist who deals with  false documents in the forensic field.  Forinst recommend the most suitable instrumentation to be used for the analysis of the document, and  its specific equipment provides a valuable support to those working in the field of consulting expert  graphologists, investigators, attorneys, scientific laboratories, etc. ... Forinst, as a technical service auxiliary analyzes writings challenged through specific instruments and  using different techniques: • laser profilometry, used to verify the time sequence of two segments that intersect;  • reverse engineer, a physical reconstruction of a plastic material of an important part of document;  • videocomparazione, to see anomalies or manipulation of documents;  • spectrophotometry, to check for possible additions to the text and in what timeframe;  • image processing, which is based on the analysis of two-dimensional morphology of the writing.  The techniques used by Forinst have "no contact", so it's not invasive nor destructive, "in order to preserve the integrity of the  document" and that is repeated ad infinitum.  Forinst, thanks to its own machinery of high definition, is able to verify:  The chronological order of arrangements between two signatures overlapped with each other;  The sequence signature or characters printed at the points of intersection between two graphic elements; If the amount of a check has been altered;  If a will has been altered;  If a signature has been placed before or after a stamp, before or after a photocopied document;  The temporal order of arrangements between graphic elements of a handwritten document against those on the  opposite side thereof; If a document (passport, identity card), has been manipulated;  If a section has been deleted, sovrapponendone next one, to change the content of the text;  If a correction or addition of text was carried out with the same ink and the same hand;  The dating of a writing;  If a signature is transferred to a document using a mechanical device (plotter, router, etc ...); If a text was written by a laser printer, ink or if it is a photocopy; The authenticity of a signature based on the writing style of the petitioner, through a comparative test (three  dimensional) modulation of the pressure between the signature verification and similar signatures of the same subject.  Miniaturized multispectral microscope for use in site in the forensic field Your ideal partner for consulting anti counterfeiting FILTER WHEEL for MSM Microscope MODEL FORINST - RPF for use in forensics also outside a laboratory. XT - PL Optoelectronic system for the overlapping graphic elements analysis of complex heterogeneous type. Telecamera infrarossi IR     MS - IS Portable low cost Multi Spectral - Imaging System for questioned documents