Forinst S.r.l.s. - Torino Italy VAT: IT11321130012 - Copyright © 2012 All contents are reserved The apparatus XT - PL was carried out to examine the overlap between:   Characters in print by a mechanical instrument based on Toner (Laser Printer, Copier,  Fax, multifunction printer, etc).   Manuscripts that use ballpoint pens, black and or blue color. The principle of operation of the apparatus, it is very simple, and this is one of the  “strengths" of the apparatus itself. It does not require any specific technical knowledge, therefore it can be used even by non-expert. Does not require calibration, special devices (eg, angles of the lighting system, etc.). The results are immediate and can be saved in the form of digital images to be used to document their technical reports. The new MS - IS is portable low cost, Multi Spectral - imaging System for questioned documents. Preliminary specifications: Portable system (3 minutes to mount it). Field of view: mid-document (A5 format). 7 interference filters, 4 different lighting systems: white light, visible light, UV and IR. Interface Camera / Computer: USB. Camera resolution: 5M pixel, color and IR mode. Laser interferometer for precision measurements in 2D/3D The accessory has been designed to provide an indication as to the authenticity of a document, based on the "reaction" of the graphic elements suspected due to the effect of "luminescence" pigments of the same. The kit named FORINST RPF consists of : a rotating wheel (in manual          mode) can accommodate eight different low- bandwidth filters, ranging from the  visible spectrum to that of the NIR (near infrared); An illuminator power UV; A battery power supply, in order to immediately make the apparatus operational especially outside from your laboratory.   Apparatus XT-PL Filter Wheel for MSM MS - IS Your ideal partner for consulting anti counterfeiting Telecamera infrarossi IR Laser interferometer for precision measurements in 2D/3D