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If you want to check: The chronological order of two signatures overlapped with each other; If the transfer of a signature is done through a mechanical device (plotter, router); If a signature has been placed before or after a stamp or a photocopied document; Alteration or authenticity of a will; If the amount of a check has been altered; Manipulation of documents (passports, identity cards, travel documents, ...); If a contract was canceled and rewritten to change the contents of a text; If a correction or addition of text was carried out by the same hand and with the same ink; If a typewritten text was prepared using a printer or a photocopy; The authenticity of a signature based on the writing style of the signatory; The date of a document or establish it. Get your information by filling out the form to the side with your information: We will respond as soon as possible. Your ideal partner for consulting anti counterfeiting